“Episode 36: 8 Ways to Stay Creative While Dealing with a Chronic Illness (Mental/Physical) or a Disease

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1. Be compassionate towards yourself and limitations. 
2. Try not to overdo it when you feel good.
3. You can always work on ideas even if you execute them right now.
4. Understand you are more creative when you are tired and worn out and not at our best.
5. Be adaptive.
6. Do something that is collectively creative.
7. Recognize even healthy people have issues around creativity in general.
8. Little successes are everything, You did one brush stroke – good. You thought about writing your book – great! You thought of a great idea – wonderful!

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather, that which is most adaptable to change.” – 1963 speech delivered by Leon C. Megginson

Brené Brown’s research showed 85% of people (surveyed) remembered an event at school so shaming it changed how they thought of themselves and the rest of their lives. And half of them said their shame wounds related to creativity — being dismissed, embarrassed, or belittled in their attempts to “make things”

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  • Für how one struggles to find away or oppertunity of the things they’ve been sitting on I’ve written chides stories only to do nothing and then see it on the silver screen 5 years later yes singer song writer
    Fine art painter who has survived domestic violence and has lupus! & PTSD I keep asking my self my mental and body is either pissed off and rebelling not sure if I spelt that right! But time is a ticking and I can’t get time back

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