Artists Need A Good Website

I love art, and love artists.

I would like to suggest for those who have asked about getting work out there, partaking in exhibitions and most importantly being taken seriously in this career choice. It’s a top priority to have a professional website because it’s your virtual business card in the industry. No, Facebook, IG or Behance do not count, however, they are a creative and bonus outlet when connecting to your audience.

A professional website is important for any industry as a standard rule. Be warned people “will” judge your creations (art) and your professionalism in how you present yourself on the web, and more specifically how your website looks. As a graphic/web designer for 15 years, I am happy and sad all in the same breath to say we live in a time that artists and creatives don’t need to pay a web designer to create a professional site. There are sites like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc. I find WordPress the best of the three, even with a learning curve it’s a great CMS (Content Management System).

So, you don’t need me! You can handle this yourself! Which all in all is pretty rad. However, if you do find it too hard, lack time, or a good eye for design, don’t be ashamed — you can find people to help you too. So think about it…. think about how you want to be perceived. Are you serious about your career?

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