Life Concerns. Asking for Answers VS Asking for Clarity.

We All Have Life Concerns. How Can We Approach Them? Asking for Answers VS Asking for Clarity The other day I visited a group in which we talked about the inquiries we make with ourselves and others while trying to work out life’s problems, challenges or

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

New Moon 🌚 Solar β˜€οΈ Eclipse In ♋️ Cancer at 10 Degrees. This is a really remarkable time for many but those especially who are Cancer or Cancer Rising. It’s Eclipse Season - time to cut away, break away and release what does not serve

Does Learning Tarot Feel Overwhelming? Maybe this Can Help!

It’s nice to see you here. Thank you for stumbling upon our blog. This article was written in an effort to ease the fear and overwhelm of novices and current students of the tarot. Before we jump in, I would like to point out that