Auxilium Haus’s Mission

A “Haus” of Infinite Possibilities………….Auxilium Haus is an innovative multidisciplinary company using its distinctive inner-framework to embolden experiences of evolution, learning and illumination within the arenas of creativity and metaphysics. Auxilium is a Latin word meaning to help, tribute or to aid. Through creativity, research and passion Auxilium Haus was formed.


Connections and collaboration are ever changing. Light and darkness, joy and pain, breath and smoke, life and afterlife are all explored through this connection and collaboration. A journey of ebb and flow which mirrors the moon; which not only moves through cycles but illuminates the journey of connectivity and sharing.


Auxilium Haus’s unique inner-framework mixes architecture, art, design, publishing, healing, psychology, nature and metaphysics. Our space embodies various ongoing projects and sub-projects while also offering opportunities to the community.

From my very first day as an entrepreneur, I've felt the only mission worth pursuing in business is to make people's lives better. Richard Branson

About Aunia

Aunia Kahn is a nationally and internationally awarded and exhibited figurative artist, photographer, published author, curator, spiritual and creative teacher, creative entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. She has also been an avid tarot reader/designer (view decks) for 16 years and web/graphic designer for 20.


Project driven with community interest prompted Aunia to pursue curating several exhibitions and book projects including the Moon Goddess (Modern Eden Gallery) exhibit, Tarot Under OathLowbrow Tarot Project, etc. which later inspired the launch of Auxilium Haus (Formally: Alexi Era Gallery) a collection of her various projects, publications, and curatorial adventures. It is also the home of the Museum of Rescued (MORA) which was established in an effort to rescue discarded and dispossessed art due to a variety of circumstances in which one may never truly know.

Her publishing many personal projects include the Silver Era TarotInspirations for SurvivorsObvious Remote ChaosMinding the Sea: Inviting the Muses Over for TeaAvalanche of White ReasonXIII: The Art of Aunia KahnWitch’s Oracle (Illustrator, Author: Marla Brooks). Her forthcoming books and projects include; An Epidemic of Retrospective, Disintegrating Stars and the Ethereal Realms Tarot.


She loves animals, Prussian blue, tarot, miracles, crystals, nature, hummingbirds, and Jeeps.