Rejection Can Empower You!

It’s difficult to not feel mortified when your or your ideas are rejected. Sometimes rejected can feel akin to being dumped by someone they love or having all their personal belongs thrown outside and set ablaze if they are…..

A. Never been Rejected
B. Looking at Rejection Negatively
C. Lacking Coping Skills in that Department

We never want rejection to creep up in our email, mailbox, through sneaky little text messages or through the words of a human mouth hole as is cascaded into our ear canal. And we all know, rejection shows up when we are barely holding onto hope….. to knock us for a loop. It’s a slap in the face to our aspiring hopes and dreams, but can we change the way we view rejection and gain the wisdom to move forward without it paralyzing us or keeping us from trying again. 

There is no reason for not being optimistic about opportunities you try for because if you always think you will be rejected, you will continue to on a path to a very destructive self-fulfilling prophecy. Always be cautiously optimistic but do not let the world crumble around you when it does not work out. There is always another opportunity – may be an even better one just waiting for you. 


1) This means there is room for improvement. No matter what and who you are, there is always room to improve and use previous and current rejections as a catapult to get on doing just that! Show those people that did not take you on that you are high class, respectable and took what they said with grace. This keeps you on their mind for future projects.

2) Rejection makes you humble. It makes you understand that you don’t get everything you want. Who does?

3) Rejection might be keeping you from making a mistake. Maybe the universe is watching out for you making sure your plate is not too full, etc. 

4) Rejection can be informative, motivating and encouraging.

5) Look at it this way: You got rejected, you did not get ignored – which is much worse.

And finally, rejection is not a failure.

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