Multi-Versatile Technology Support & Teaching

Multi-Versatile Technology Support and Lessons. Our lives are inundated with cell phones, computers, routers, printers, etc.and it can be overwhelming and time consuming dealing with these various parts of our technology driven world. I love technology and I would love to help you! I offer a Multi-Versatile Technology Support Service and Lessons which offers a wide range of options to make your life easier.

My mission is to empower people live successful, independent, more connected lives.

Support Offerings

Computer Troubleshooting
Phone Troubleshooting
iPad Troubleshooting
Computer Setup
Phone Setup
iPad Setup
Printer Installation
Software Installation
Modem/Router Installation
Computer Backup Setup
Kindle Support

Individual Classes

MAC/PC Lessons
Cellphone Lesson
iPad Lessons
Email Lessons
Social Media Lessons
Texting/Emoji Lessons
Understanding Search Engines

Web/Design Support

Troubleshooting Website
Setting up a Website
Graphic Design Critiques
Graphic Design Services
Web Design Services

Personal Task Support

Purchasing Items Online
Writing/Publishing Books
Printing Postage
Bank/Bills Setup
Booking Airline Flights
Online Tax Preparation